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Sonar is a general term that covers all underwater sound
imaging technologies, including both depth sounders and
fishfinders. A depth sounder uses a 50 KHz frequency broad
beam to measure just the bottom depth. The lower frequency
allows the sounder pulse to travel deeper per watt of power.
A fishfinder transmits a higher-frequency narrow beam
(6 to 22 degrees) in the 200 KHz range, which produces
a higher resolution echo coming back to the boat.
So if you just need to navigate without encounter some
reef you need a sonar or depth sounder but if you want
to catch fish from a boat, your best chance is by using
one of the many fish-finders existing on the market.

List of Manufacturers

  Airmar Depth Sensors Transducers
  Hondex by Honda Electronics
  JRC Alphatron

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Documentation List :
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* Eagle sounder sonar fishfinder manuals
* Furuno sounder sonar fishfinder manuals
* Garmin depth sounder fishfinder manuals
* Hondex depth sounder fishfinder manuals
* Humminbird fishfinder sounder manuals
* Interphase sonar sounder manuals
* JRC Alphatron sounder fishfinder manuals