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Yachting Electronic Co., Ltd :
Our company was founded in 2005, and is the leading
Chinese marine electronics manufacturer with our own
complete know-how. Our main products are fishfinders
such as Compact Fishfinders, Color Fishfinders,
Wireless Fishfinders and Portable Fishfinders.
Main ProductsFish finder,fishfinder,bait boat
wireless fish finder,bait boat fishfinder

download manuals

  F500 F520 Fishfinder operation manual (EN)
  FC60X Wireless Fishfinder user manual (EN)
  FC80 user manual (HU)
  FC80 FC90 user manual (EN)
  NAKI800C 810C 820C install operation instruction (EN)
  NAKI8850B user manual (EN)

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Yachting Electronic echo sounder & fishfinder Documentation List :
* Yachting Electronic F500 F520 Fishfinder operation manual
* Yachting Electronic FC60X Wireless Fishfinder user manual
* Yachting Electronic FC80 user manual (HU)
* Yachting Electronic FC80 FC90 user manual
* Yachting Electronic NAKI800C 810C 820C install operation instruction
* Yachting Electronic NAKI8850B user manual