Samyung echo sounder & fishfinder manuals

Samyung Echo Sounders
& Fish Finders
Technicals Manuals

Samyung Enc is specialized in marine navigation
equipment, echo sounder and fishFinder.
The Samyung SES-2000 and SES-5000 Echosounder
is Next generation navigational echosounder.
Dual frequency mode - 50/200 kHz.
Features: 10.4" wide color lcd, Max, 24 hours
long memory, Alar, for desinated depth, Built in
termal printer. The Digital Fish Finder Samyung
SDF-310 / SDF-315 allows to display weakly recorded
fish group, express image with various filtering
process, pulse length: Standard/Short/Middle/Long
and amplifier: High dynamic range

download manuals

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  F430 user manual (EN)
  F560 user manual (EN)
  SDF310 brochure specifications (EN)
  SDF310 user manual (EN)
  SDF315 brochure specifications (EN)
  SDF315 user manual (EN)
  SES2000 user manual (EN)
  SES5000 user manual (EN)

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Samyung echo sounder & fishfinder Documentation List :
* Samyung F430 user manual
* Samyung F560 user manual
* Samyung SDF310 brochure specifications
* Samyung SDF310 user manual
* Samyung SDF315 brochure specifications
* Samyung SDF315 user manual
* Samyung SES2000 user manual
* Samyung SES5000 user manual