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Koden Electronics was established in Japan, back in 1947.
Today they are a large manufacturer of navigation and fish
finding equipment. Koden features the latest Broadband
technology that allows users to change the frequency
with up to 6 different presets. At the touch of a button,
the user can recall all the previous settings. The scan
speed is unrivaled and can detect objects around the vessel
instantly. In terms of design, the unit is simples and
compact which saves space and is easier to install. Depending
on the fishing technique of target species, the equipment can
be tuned from short to long ranges within 80-90kHz or 130-210kHz.
With our equipment you won’t miss out on the clearest and
most precise images and detections.

download manuals

  Koden general brochure (EN)
  CVG-200 operation manual (EN)
  CVG-200 quick reference (EN)
  CVG-200 specifications (EN)
  CVG-80 operation manual (EN)
  CVG-80 specifications (EN)
  CVR-010 operation manual (EN)
  CVR-010 specifications (EN)
  CVS-108 108DF operation manual (EN)
  CVS-118 specifications (EN)
  CVS-118MK2 operation manual (EN)
  CVS-118MK2 specifications (EN)
  CVS-126 CVS-128 specifications (EN)
  CVS-126 instruction manual (EN)
  CVS-126 operation manual (EN)
  CVS-126 quick reference (EN)
  CVS-128 128B operation manual (EN)
  CVS-128 128B quick reference (EN)
  CVS-128 operation manual (EN)
  CVS-128B CVS-1410B specifications (EN)
  CVS-1410 1410HS operation manual (EN)
  CVS-1410 Series quick reference (EN)
  CVS-1410B operation manual (EN)
  CVS-702D 705D 707D quick reference (EN)
  CVS-702D 705D 707D specifications (EN)
  CVS-702D basic operation manual (EN)
  CVS-702D full menu reference (EN)
  CVS-702D installation manual (EN)
  CVS-705D 707D basic operation manual (EN)
  CVS-705D 707D full menu reference (EN)
  CVS-705D 707D installation manual (EN)
  CVS-833 833C operation manual (EN)
  CVS-833 specifications (EN)
  CVS-841 851 operation manual (EN)
  CVS-841 specifications (EN)
  CVS-842 843 852 operation manual (EN)
  CVS-842 852 specifications (EN)
  CVS-872D 875D 877D quick reference (EN)
  CVS-872D basic operation manual (EN)
  CVS-872D full menu reference (EN)
  CVS-872D installation manual (EN)
  CVS-872D specifications (EN)
  CVS-875D 877D basic operation manual (EN)
  CVS-875D 877D full menu reference (EN)
  CVS-875D 877D installation manual (EN)
  CVS-875D 877D specifications (EN)
  CVS-FX1 basic operation manual (EN)
  CVS-FX1 full menu reference (EN)d
  CVS-FX1 FX2 FX2BB quick reference
  CVS-FX1 installation manual (EN)
  CVS-FX1 specifications (EN)
  CVS-FX2 FX2BB basic operation manual (EN)
  CVS-FX2 FX2BB full menu reference (EN)
  CVS-FX2 FX2BB installation manual (EN)
  CVS-FX2 FX2BB specifications (EN)
  ESR-140 operation manual (EN)
  ESR-140 specifications (EN)
  ESR-140MK2 operation manual (EN)
  ESR-140MK2 specifications (EN)
  ESR-145 operation manual (EN)
  ESR-145 specifications (EN)
  ESR-160 180 180BB specifications (EN)
  ESR-160 180 specifications (EN)
  ESR-160 operation manual (EN)
  ESR-180 180BB operation manual (EN)
  ESR-180 operation manual (EN)
  ESR-3000 specifications (EN)
  ESR-S1BB operation manual (EN)
  ESR-S1BB specifications (EN)
  KDS-5000BB operation manual (EN)
  KDS-5000BB specifications (EN)
  KDS-6000BB installation manual (EN)
  KDS-6000BB operation manual (EN)
  KDS-6000BB quick reference (EN)
  KDS-6000BB specifications (EN)
  KDS-8000BB operation manual (EN)
  KDS-8000BB quick reference (EN)
  KDS-8000BB specifications (EN)

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Koden echo sounder sonar fishfinder Documentation List :
* Koden general brochure
* Koden CVG-200 operation manual
* Koden CVG-200 quick reference
* Koden CVG-200 specifications
* Koden CVG-80 operation manual
* Koden CVG-80 specifications
* Koden CVR-010 operation manual
* Koden CVR-010 specifications
* Koden CVS-108 108DF operation manual
* Koden CVS-118 specifications
* Koden CVS-118MK2 operation manual
* Koden CVS-118MK2 specifications
* Koden CVS-126 CVS-128 specifications
* Koden CVS-126 instruction manual
* Koden CVS-126 operation manual
* Koden CVS-126 quick reference
* Koden CVS-128 128B operation manual
* Koden CVS-128 128B quick reference
* Koden CVS-128 operation manual
* Koden CVS-128B CVS-1410B specifications
* Koden CVS-1410 1410HS operation manual
* Koden CVS-1410 Series quick reference
* Koden CVS-1410B operation manual
* Koden CVS-702D 705D 707D quick reference
* Koden CVS-702D 705D 707D specifications
* Koden CVS-702D basic operation manual
* Koden CVS-702D full menu reference
* Koden CVS-702D installation manual
* Koden CVS-705D 707D basic operation manual
* Koden CVS-705D 707D full menu reference
* Koden CVS-705D 707D installation manual
* Koden CVS-833 833C operation manual
* Koden CVS-833 specifications
* Koden CVS-841 851 operation manual
* Koden CVS-841 specifications
* Koden CVS-842 843 852 operation manual
* Koden CVS-842 852 specifications
* Koden CVS-872D 875D 877D quick reference
* Koden CVS-872D basic operation manual
* Koden CVS-872D full menu reference
* Koden CVS-872D installation manual
* Koden CVS-872D specifications
* Koden CVS-875D 877D basic operation manual
* Koden CVS-875D 877D full menu reference
* Koden CVS-875D 877D installation manual
* Koden CVS-875D 877D specifications
* Koden CVS-FX1 basic operation manual
* Koden CVS-FX1 full menu referenced
* Koden CVS-FX1 FX2 FX2BB quick reference
* Koden CVS-FX1 installation manual
* Koden CVS-FX1 specifications
* Koden CVS-FX2 FX2BB basic operation manual
* Koden CVS-FX2 FX2BB full menu reference
* Koden CVS-FX2 FX2BB installation manual
* Koden CVS-FX2 FX2BB specifications
* Koden ESR-140 operation manual
* Koden ESR-140 specifications
* Koden ESR-140MK2 operation manual
* Koden ESR-140MK2 specifications
* Koden ESR-145 operation manual
* Koden ESR-145 specifications
* Koden ESR-160 180 180BB specifications
* Koden ESR-160 180 specifications
* Koden ESR-160 operation manual
* Koden ESR-180 180BB operation manual
* Koden ESR-180 operation manual
* Koden ESR-3000 specifications
* Koden ESR-S1BB operation manual
* Koden ESR-S1BB specifications
* Koden KDS-5000BB operation manual
* Koden KDS-5000BB specifications
* Koden KDS-6000BB installation manual
* Koden KDS-6000BB operation manual
* Koden KDS-6000BB quick reference
* Koden KDS-6000BB specifications
* Koden KDS-8000BB operation manual
* Koden KDS-8000BB quick reference
* Koden KDS-8000BB specifications