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WIND VANE self-steering
Technicals Manuals

Self-steering gear is equipment used on sail boats
to maintain a chosen course or point of sail without
constant human action.
Have a safe and quiet sailing using an Hydrovane
self-steering windvane & emergency rudder / steering system
or a regular wind vane pendulum as Aries or Navik and Beaufort,
reacting to changes in the apparent wind direction and
transmits this reaction to the servo pendulum in the water,
for sailboats with tiller or wheel, it comes to simple,
robust, reliable self-steering — especially in stormy weather,
and allow the skipper to do something other than sitting
at the helm. Enjoy sailing with a wind vane pilot !

List of Manufacturers

  Documentations, Books, Videos
  Mister Vee
  NEPTUNE Windvane complete documentation (EN)
  SCANMAR : * Auto-Helm * Monitor * Saye's Rig

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Documentation List :
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