Hydrovane self-steering owner installation manual

HYDROVANE self-steering
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One of the most popular self-steering system
is the Hydrovane. Hydrovane is a self steering
wind vane and also an emergency steering rudder
system as a second rudder and could be installed
as a primary self-steering system or as a backup
system on any sailboat. Steering your boat on a
wind-based course and requires no lines running
to the tiller or steering wheel.
All servopendulum windvane systems offer conversion
kits allowing an existing windvane installation to be
converted to a rudder completely independent
from the main steering. Fortunately for offshore
cruisers Hydrovane self-steering gear is the perfect
device in preparation for your next off-shore cruising.

download manuals

  new owner manual (EN)
  guide utilisation & depannage (FR)
  instructions manual (EN)
  operation & troubleshooting guide (EN)
  installation guide (EN)
  installation Warnings cheat sheet (EN)
  guide installation (FR)
  technical information package (EN)
  Dimensions Models VXA1 VXA2 (EN)
  Conversion VXA1 to VXA2 manual (EN)
  VXA1 VXA2 schematics & parts list (EN)
  Standard & Stubby Vane Clearance (EN)
  parts price list January 2022 (EN)

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Documentation List :
* Hydrovane self steering new owner manual
* Hydrovane self steering guide utilisation & depannage (FR)
* Hydrovane self steering instructions manual
* Hydrovane self steering operation & troubleshooting guide
* Hydrovane self steering installation guide
* Hydrovane self steering installation Warnings cheat sheet
* Hydrovane self steering guide installation
* Hydrovane self steering technical information package
* Hydrovane self steering Dimensions Models VXA1 VXA2
* Hydrovane self steering Conversion VXA1 to VXA2 manual
* Hydrovane self steering VXA1 VXA2 schematics & parts list
* Hydrovane self steering Standard & Stubby Vane Clearance
* Hydrovane self steering parts price list January 2022