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Mister Vee manufacture the lightest yet very affordable
windvane self steering systems. Mister Vee self steering
started out from a need to solve a particular mounting
problem, on a small boat with a centrally mounted
outboard engine. Super sensitive+UpSideDown=Stable course
Windvane self steering systems use change in the direction
of apparent wind to steer the boat. The lower the friction
in the system is, the less (apparent) wind force is needed
to start working. This is why you get just one windvane size
with the system, where some brands offer a light weight
bigger blade for light airs. Just see how quickly and smoothly
a Mister Vee self steering system controls your boats course.

download manuals

  Mister Vee brochure and manual 2021 (EN)
  Mister Vee brochure and manual 2023 (EN)
  Mr. Vane brochure and manual (EN)
  Mr. Vane dimensions (EN)
  Y & B dimensions (EN)

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Documentation List :
* Mister Vee brochure and manual 2023
* Mister Vee brochure and manual 2021
* Mister Vee Mr. Vane brochure and manual
* Mister Vee Mr. Vane dimensions
* Mister Vee Y & B dimensions