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Wind Turbines
& Hydro Generators
Technicals Manuals

Wind generators have a natural appeal to sailors
in need of extra power. Today's best wind generators
boast such features as CAD designed, self-feathering
composite blades that are whisper quiet, brushless magnetic
alternators, automatic braking and over-charge protection.
Almost all the turbines listed below claim outputs
of 400 watts or more—the D400 claims in excess of 600 watts.
Hydrogenerators reloads the batteries of your sailboat and
brings electrical autonomy in order to ensure security and
comfort on board. Watt&Sea's hydrogenerators offer an energy
self-sufficiency solution on board of cruise or race boats
The drag of these hydro generators is minimal and the energy
output is optimal on a speed range from 5 to 30 knots.

List of Manufacturers

  Cape Mustang
  Eclectic Energy D400 DuoGen Sail-Gen
  LVM-ITT Jabsco & ATMB AeroGen AquaGen ATMB350
  MarineKinetix MK4 MK450
  Primus Air Breeze Air-X Air Silent-X
  Rutland Marlec
  Save Marine
  SilentWind Spreco
  Watt & Sea Cruising Racing Pod

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Documentation List :
* Ampair Aquair Underwater wind turbines hydro generator manuals
* Cape Mustang hydro generator & Prop Shaft Alternator manuals
* Cristec hydro generator manuals
* LVM-ITT Jabsco & ATMB Aerogen AquaGen ATMB350 manuals
* MarineKinetix MK4 MK450 manuals
* Primus Windpower Air Breeze Air-X Air Silent-X manuals
* Rutland Marlec wind turbines windcharger Regulator manuals
* SailingGen hydro generator manuals
* Save Marine H240 hydro generator manuals
* Silentwind Spreco wind turbines regulator charge controller manuals
* Superwind wind turbine regulator charge controller manuals
* Swi-Tec hydro charger manuals
* Watt and Sea Cruising Racing Pod manuals