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Superwind 350
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Superwind wind turbine has carbon-fiber reinforced
blades combining outstanding aerodynamic performance
with super-quiet operation.
included: SCR Marine Charge Controller designed with
the ability to charge two banks of batteries,
(including AGM and lithium technologies) + a diversion
Load Resistor working in tandem with our high-tech
diversion load controller and a Safety-Stop Switch.
All Superwind 350 turbines are DC output and available
in 12v, 24v 28.8v) and 48v. SW350 turbines are also
available as kits; with charge controller, safety
switch and dump load resistor included.

download manuals

  Superwind Charge Regulator SCR12 Marine (EN)
  Superwind Regulateur de Charge SCR12 Marine (FR)
  Superwind Charge Regulator SCR24 Marine (EN)
  Superwind Charge Regulator 24V (Marine) (EN)
  Laderegler SCR Marine Bedienungs und Montageanleitung (DE)
  Superwind 350 info (EN-DE)
  Superwind 350 operation manual (EN)
  Superwind 350 user manual (EN)
  Superwind 350 manuel utilisation (FR)
  Superwind 350 Benutzerhandbuch (DE)
  Superwind 350-II Benutzerhandbuch (DE)
  Superwind 350 48 Volt operation manual (EN)
  Superwind 353 operation manual (EN)
  Superwind 353 Benutzerhandbuch (DE)

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Documentation List :
* Superwind Charge Regulator SCR12 Marine
* Superwind Regulateur de Charge SCR12 Marine
* Superwind Charge Regulator SCR24 Marine
* Superwind Charge Regulator 24V (Marine)
* SuperwindLaderegler SCR Marine Bedienungs und Montageanleitung
* Superwind 350 info
* Superwind 350 operation manual
* Superwind 350 user manual
* Superwind 350 manuel utilisation
* Superwind 350 Benutzerhandbuch
* Superwind 350-II Benutzerhandbuch
* Superwind 350 48 Volt operation manual
* Superwind 353 operation manual
* Superwind 353 Benutzerhandbuch