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The British company Eclectic Energy is specialist
in hydro energy. The D400 has been developed with
a combination of the advanced air blade and alternator
design delivering unparalleled efficiency in low
wind speeds and the D400 utilises a 12-pole,
3-phase axial field alternator of very high efficiency.
Eclectic’s DuoGen product for cruising yachts operates
as both wind and water generator.The Sail-Gen is a
dedicated water generator developed for the long distance
sailing, running depth is controlled by a hydro foil
or dive plane and can be optimised by a simple adjustment
of the dive plane angle.

download manuals

  Testing Diodes within Regulator (EN)
  D400 specifications (FR)
  D400 user manual (EN)
  D400 montage utilisation (FR)
  D400 all Towers schematics (EN)
  D400 Twin Battery Voltage Regulator Instructions (EN)
  D400 parts list & reference
  DuoGen installation montage maintenance (FR)
  DuoGen-3 brochure (EN)
  DuoGen-3 user manual (EN)
  DuoGen Twin Battery Voltage Regulator Instructions (EN)
  Sail-Gen user manual (EN)
  Sail-Gen instructions utilisation (FR)

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Documentation List :
* Eclectic Energy Testing Diodes within Regulator
* Eclectic Energy D400 specifications
* Eclectic Energy D400 user manual
* Eclectic Energy D400 montage utilisation
* Eclectic Energy D400 all Towers schematics
* Eclectic Energy D400 Twin Battery Voltage Regulator Instructions
* Eclectic Energy D400 parts list & reference
* Eclectic Energy DuoGen installation montage maintenance
* Eclectic Energy DuoGen-3 brochure
* Eclectic Energy DuoGen-3 user manual
* Eclectic Energy DuoGen Twin Battery Voltage Regulator Instructions
* Eclectic Energy Sail-Gen user manual
* Eclectic Energy Sail-Gen instructions utilisation