McMurdo VHF installation service manuals

Technicals Manuals VHF McMurdo

A professional handheld McMurdo VHF radio that is compliant
to IMO, GMDSS and ETSI standards for carriage on SOLAS vessels
and survival craft, rugged and waterproof it is built for use
in the most demanding of marine environments with volume control
and large buttons that can be used even when wearing gloves.
A marine MacMurdo VHF transceiver has been considered an
essential piece of equipment for many decades, both for safety
purposes as well as for general day to day use in communicating
with harbour authorities, marinas and other vessels. Conform to
international safety regulations and both commercial
and leisure users have benefited from this.

download manuals

  F1DSC installation manual (EN)
  R1 service manual (EN)
  R2 service manual (EN)
  R2GMDSS & R2 Professional owner manual (EN)
  R5GMDSS user manual (EN)

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Documentation List :
* McMurdo VHF f1dsc installation manual
* McMurdo VHF r1 service manual
* McMurdo VHF r2 service manual
* McMurdo VHF r2gmdss & r2 professional owner manual
* McMurdo VHF r5gmdss user manual