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CruzPro manufactures a wide range of intelligent instruments
for use in the commercial and leisure marine.
Our product lines include engine gauges, depth, speed,
wind sensors and digital instruments, PC based Fishfinders
and electronic accessories such as chain counters, NMEA combiners,
bilge alarms, etc. e.g. The MaxRp110 is a programmable data repeater
NMEA 0183 with the ability to repeat more than 5800 different
NMEA 0183 phrases. The MaxRp110 simultaneously monitors four input
channels for two different phrases per channel and simultaneously
displays NMEA data on three digital screens and two bar graphs.
You can display data such as depth, boat speed, sea water temperature,
GPS bearing to waypoint, distance to waypoint, wind speed, battery voltage,
tank level, etc. or the MaxVu110 will simultaneously measure and display
five sets of data on three digital displays and two bar graphs.

download manuals

  AM60 Rudder Angle Indicator(EN)
  UWSD10 Wind Sensor user manual (EN)
  D60 Depth user manual (EN)
  D110 Depth user manual (EN)
  MaxDS110 Multifunction user manual (EN)
  MaxRP110 Multifunction user manual (EN)
  MaxVu110 Multifunction user manual (EN)
  RP60 Data Repeater user manual (EN)
  RP110 Data Repeater user manual 1 (EN)
  RP110 Data Repeater user manual 2 (EN)
  SLT60 Speed user manual (EN)
  SLT110 Speed user manual (EN)
  WSD110 Wind user manual (EN)

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Documentation List :
* CruzPro AM60 Rudder Angle Indicator(EN)
* CruzPro UWSD10 Wind Sensor user manual
* CruzPro D60 Depth user manual
* CruzPro D110 Depth user manual
* CruzPro MaxDS110 Multifunction user manual
* CruzPro MaxRP110 Multifunction user manual
* CruzPro MaxVu110 Multifunction user manual
* CruzPro RP60 Data Repeater user manual
* CruzPro RP110 Data Repeater user manual
* CruzPro SLT60 Speed user manual
* CruzPro SLT110 Speed user manual
* CruzPro WSD110 Wind user manual