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The ONWA VHF DSC Marine Transceiver/Marine
two-way VHF radio are fixed or handy vhf sumergibles
equipped with all international channels,
High transmission power of 25W and
Low transmission power of 1W, 20 User-programmable
private channels, Recall button for channel 16,
Standard NMEA0183 interface for connection
to on board system, DSC or Digital Selective Calling,
main unit with microphone, common GPS/NAV Interface,
Receives Weather Channel, Favorite Channel Function,
External Speaker Connection, etc...

download manuals

  KV-28 brochure (EN)
  KV-28 instruction manual (EN)
  KV-38 brochure (EN)
  KV-38 instruction manual (EN)
  KV-280 brochure (EN)
  KV-280 operator manual (EN)
  KV-290 brochure (EN)
  KV-290 instruction manual (EN)
  KV-300 operator manual (EN)

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Documentation List :
* Onwa marine VHF KV-28 brochure
* Onwa marine VHF KV-28 instruction manual
* Onwa marine VHF KV-38 brochure
* Onwa marine VHF KV-38 instruction manual
* Onwa marine VHF KV-280 brochure
* Onwa marine VHF KV-280 operator manual
* Onwa marine VHF KV-290 brochure
* Onwa marine VHF KV-290 instruction manual
* Onwa marine VHF KV-300 operator manual