NSR marine VHF radio user manuals

NSR Marine VHF Radio
Technicals Manuals

Established in 2008, NSR is located in Suzhou, China.
New Sunrise Co., Ltd. (NSR) is a leading manufacturer
of marine radiocommunication and navigation equipment.
NSR’s new generation of VHF Radio NVR-3000. Full GMDSS
compliant with Class A DSC facility, meets the new ITU standards.
It is equipped with VDR and ΒΑΜ system interfaces.
The NSR NTW1000 MED is a TWO-WAY GMDSS handheld VHF Radiotelephone
- Compact, lightweight and rugged construction.
- Full marine-use VHF channels.
- Designed to meet GMDSS requirements related with performance
standards for survival craft two-way VHF radiotelephone apparatus,
such as IMO M.149.

download manuals

  NTW1000 brochure specifications (EN)
  NTW1000 user manual (EN)
  NVR1000 brochure specifications (EN)
  NVR1000 user manual (EN)
  NVR2000 brochure specifications (EN)
  NVR3000 brochure specifications (EN)
  NVR3000 operation installation manual (EN)

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Documentation List :
* NSR VHF NTW1000 brochure specifications
* NSR VHF NTW1000 user manual
* NSR VHF NVR1000 brochure specifications
* NSR VHF NVR1000 user manual
* NSR VHF NVR2000 brochure specifications
* NSR VHF NVR3000 brochure specifications
* NSR VHF NVR3000 operation installation manual