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The Navman brand no longer exists. In mid-March 2008 Navico,
the Navman parent company, stopped marketing Navman VHF
brand name. Many VHF will still be available worldwide
under the Northstar brand.
In performance testing, the Navman transmitter frequency
stability was rated good while receiver sensitivity has
an excellent rating. Receiver selectivity is specified
by Navman at greater than 65 dB, that is a little lower
than average for VHF radios in this price range.
Audio output was measured at 90 dBA, about average.

download manuals

  7000 7100 CAN EU US service manual (EN)
  7000 7100 EU US operation manual (EN)
  7000 7100 owner manual (EN)
  7110 Dual Station quick start guide (EN)
  7110 quick start installation (EN)
  7110 demarrage et installation (FR)
  7200 EU US operation manual (EN)
  MCB7270 operation manual (EN)

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Navman VHF radio Documentation List :
* Navman VHF 7110 demarrage et installation
* Navman VHF 7000 7100 can eu us service manual
* Navman VHF 7000 7100 eu us operation manual
* Navman VHF 7000 7100 owner manual
* Navman VHF 7110 dual station quick start guide
* Navman VHF 7110 quick start installation
* Navman VHF 7200 eu us operation manual
* Navman VHF mcb7270 operation manual