M-Tech VHF instruction operation manuals

Technicals Manuals VHF M-Tech

The Japanese company M-Tech presents this valuable model of VHF
of high quality and value, typical of a product made in Japan.
The "Position Send/Request" function is innovative, enabling
the possibility of transmitting and receiving the
boat's position data. The large "SELECT/ENT knob" is original
and can be turned or pressed, providing easy channel
selection and access to the settings menu.
Class D DSC equipped VHF radio with integral Channel 70 watch
receiver. Waterproof construction to JIS-7 standard.
M-Tech VHF the best on the Market.

download manuals

  MT300 instruction manual (EN)
  MT500 owner manual (EN)
  MT500 manuel proprietaire (FR)
  MT550 owner manual (EN)
  MT700 owner manual (EN)
  SX35 DSC owner manual (EN)

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Documentation List :
* M-Tech VHF MT 300 instruction manual
* M-Tech VHF MT 500 owner manual
* M-Tech VHF MT 500 manuel proprietaire
* M-Tech VHF MT 550 owner manual
* M-Tech VHF MT 700 owner manual
* M-Tech VHF SX 35 dsc owner manual