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JRC VHF series - performance features in semi-duplex
or full-duplex, this class A VHF radiotelephone incorporates
advanced design that allows for maximum installation flexibility.
Direct call by AIS™ When connecting your AIS to the new JRC VHF.
This new feature, unique to JRC, allows you with one push of
the button, to quickly navigate through a list of targets
in your surrounding area. Bearing, range and MMSI information
of target vessels are sorted from the shortest range upwards.
You can now easily select the vessel you wish to get in
contact with, and send a DSC message immediately.

download manuals

  JHS7 instruction manual (EN)
  JHS32A installation manual (EN)
  JHS32A instruction manual (EN)
  JHS32B instruction manual (EN)
  JHS207 instruction manual (EN)
  JHS770S JHS780D instruction manual (EN)
  JHS800 instruction manual (EN)
  VHF200 operation manual (EN)

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Documentation List :
* JRC VHF jhs7 instruction manual
* JRC VHF jhs32a installation manual
* JRC VHF jhs32a instruction manual
* JRC VHF jhs32b instruction manual
* JRC VHF jhs207 instruction manual
* JRC VHF jhs770s jhs780d instruction manual
* JRC VHF jhs800 instruction manual
* JRC VHF vhf200 operation manual