Humminbird VHF marine radio operation manuals

VHF Humminbird
Technicals Manuals

Humminbird had a two Series of VHF :
the DC and VHF Series:
DC 5 S US, DC 25, VHF 55s, VHF255S and VHF 5 .
The VHF255sw fixed-mount marine radio features
a rugged design with 25/1 Watt power output,
all USA/INTL channels and advanced Digital
Selective Calling (DSC) technology.
Ultimate backup radio, it runs on 8 regular
AA batteries that are always on hand,
even in a zombie apocalypse.
Humminbird VHF handheld radio, submersible.
Comes with chargers including car charger,
additional battery.
You can add an antenna perfect for example
to fit for Humminbird VHF 55S marine portable
handheld radio. This kind of antenna transmits
in the marine band and reception was much better
than the original.

download manuals

  DC5 operation manual (EN)
  DC25 operation manual (EN)
  VHF5 operation manual (EN)
  VHF55S operation manual (EN)
  VHF255S DSC operation manual (EN)
  VHF255S VHF255SW operation manual (EN)

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Documentation List :
* Humminbird VHF DC5 operation manual
* Humminbird VHF DC25 operation manual
* Humminbird VHF5 operation manual
* Humminbird VHF55S operation manual
* Humminbird VHF255S DSC operation manual
* Humminbird VHF255S VHF255SW operation manual