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The Samyung SMR-3600 radar is a small size raster
scanning Radar which composes Radom type transceiver with
4KW Trasmitting power and 10.4 inch color TFT LED monitor.
In addition, it adopts color LED monitor that can offer
faster recognition of all the floating information on screen.
The Samyung SMR-3700 Radar system is a powerful, high
performance 4KW Radar system. The radar comes complete
with a easily read 10.4″ Colour LCD Display and 4kW
Radomeand has a range of up to 36NM.
These radars can interface directly with an AIS to provide
onscreen target display. You will be also able to zoom in
to specific target areas should you require more detail
on the targets being displayed.

download manuals

  SMR715 SMR720 instruction manual (EN)
  SMR2400 SMR3600 brochure (EN)
  SMR2400 SMR3600 instruction manual (EN)
  SMR3600 brochure (EN)
  SMR3700 owner manual (EN)
  SMR3700 service manual (EN)
  SMR7200 instruction manual (EN)

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Documentation List :
* Samyung SMR715 SMR720 instruction manual
* Samyung SMR2400 SMR3600 brochure
* Samyung SMR2400 SMR3600 instruction manual
* Samyung SMR3600 brochure
* Samyung SMR3700 owner manual
* Samyung SMR3700 service manual
* Samyung SMR7200 instruction manual