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ICOM Marine Radars
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The ICOM Marine radars have simplified ARPA, wide viewing
angle colour TFT LCD and Made in Japan Reliability.
Icom radar's functions :
Simplified ARPA, Wide Viewing Angle Color TFT LCD.
(The simplified ARPA function helps to prevent a
collision risk with other vessels or objects.)
DSC (Digital Selective Calling) Information Function
(When connected to a DSC radio and a DSC call is received,
the received message is transferred to the radar functions.)
AIS (Automatic Identification System) Overlay Function
(When connected to an external AIS device , up to
100 AIS target icons are overlaid on the radar echo.)

download manuals

  MR40 service manual (EN)
  MR40 instruction manual (EN)
  MR61 service manual (EN)
  MR570R brochure (EN)
  MR570R instruction manual (EN)
  MR570R operating guide (EN)
  MR1000R MR1000T documentation (EN)
  MR1000R MR1000T instruction manual (EN)
  MR1000R2 MR1000T2-3 documentation (EN)
  MR1000R2 MR1000T2-3 instruction manual (EN)
  MR1010R2 documentation (EN)
  MR1010R2 documentation (FR)
  MR1010R2 instruction manual (EN)
  MR1010R2 notice (DE-IT)
  MR1010R2 notice (FR-ES)
  MR1200R2 MR1200T2-3 documentation (EN)
  MR1200R2 MR1200T2-3 instruction manual (EN)
  MR1200R2 MR1200T2-3 operating guide (EN)
  MR1210R2 MR1210T2-3 documentation (EN)
  MR1210R2 MR1210T2-3 instruction manual (EN)
  MR1210R2 MR1210T2-3 operating guide (EN)
  MR1220 Series documentation (EN)
  MR1220 Series instruction manual (EN)
  MXR5000R MXR5000T Radome instruction manual (EN)  

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Documentation List :
* Icom MR40 service manual
* Icom MR40 instruction manual
* Icom MR61 service manual
* Icom MR570R brochure
* Icom MR570R instruction manual
* Icom MR570R operating guide
* Icom MR1000R MR1000T documentation
* Icom MR1000R MR1000T instruction manual
* Icom MR1000R2 MR1000T2-3 documentation
* Icom MR1000R2 MR1000T2-3 instruction manual
* Icom MR1010R2 documentation
* Icom MR1010R2 documentation
* Icom MR1010R2 instruction manual
* Icom MR1010R2 notice
* Icom MR1010R2 notice
* Icom MR1200R2 MR1200T2-3 documentation
* Icom MR1200R2 MR1200T2-3 instruction manual
* Icom MR1200R2 MR1200T2-3 operating guide
* Icom MR1210R2 MR1210T2-3 documentation
* Icom MR1210R2 MR1210T2-3 instruction manual
* Icom MR1210R2 MR1210T2-3 operating guide
* Icom MR1220 Series documentation
* Icom MR1220 Series instruction manual
* Icom MXR5000R MXR5000T Radome instruction manual