ACR Bivy Stick user guide

ACR Bivy Stick
Satellite Communications,
GPS Locator & 2-way messaging
Technicals Manuals

With the ACR Bivy Stick
turn your cell phone into a satellite
communication device. Anywhere you
have a view of the sky, you can
communicate with the Bivy Stick.
Two-way text messaging, SOS, location
sharing, detailed weather reports are sent
straight to your cell phone from space via
the Iridium satellite network.
With a simple design and new user interface
on the app, it has never been easier to share
your location, get a weather report, send a
message, or initiate an SOS.

download manuals

  Bivy Stick specifications (EN)
  Bivy Stick user guide (EN)
  Bivy Stick quick guide (EN)

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Documentation List :
* ACR Bivy Stick specifications
* ACR Bivy Stick user guide
* ACR Bivy Stick quick guide