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The Suzuki SMD Multi-Function Display gives you access
to all your Suzuki engine information so you can easily
nd quickly see the performance of your outboard
in one clear view. With the Multi-Function Display your
boat and engine can now be connected to global weather
and be in touch with your surrounding environment
as well as control and operate all your other devices
on your boat. Control at the touch of a finger with
the touch screen glass top design. Available
in 7, 9, 12 and 16inch screens.

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  ESG-129 brochure & specifications (EN)
  ESG-129B brochure & specifications (EN)
  ESG-625 brochure & specifications (EN)
  SMD Series specifications (EN)
  SMD Series specifications (FR)
  SMD7 SMD9 installation manual (EN)
  SMD12 SMD16 installation manual (EN)
  SMD12 SMD16 operator manual (EN)

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Suzuki Chartplotter Documentation List :
* Suzuki Chartplotter ESG-129 brochure & specifications
* Suzuki Chartplotter ESG-129B brochure & specifications
* Suzuki Chartplotter ESG-625 brochure & specifications
* Suzuki Chartplotter SMD Series specifications
* Suzuki Chartplotter SMD7 SMD9 installation manual
* Suzuki Chartplotter SMD12 SMD16 installation manual
* Suzuki Chartplotter SMD12 SMD16 operator manual