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The MLR FX312 or FX412 high accuracy DGPS is an AID TO NAVIGATION
The MLR FX412 DGPS is a radio–positioning receiver
using signals from the NAVSTAR GPS
(Global Positioning System) satellite constellation
and signals from DGPS radio-beacons.
These GPS offers: high accuracy, continuous coverage and
world-wide availability simultaneously.
The FX412 displays 5 function screens and 5 MENUS l
linked to these functions. You have easy
access to these screens with the new direct access
concept (DIRECT ACCESS™)
equipped with gps mushroom aerial and cable antenna

download manuals

  connection MLR a repetiteur GPS NASA
  DF300 documentation (FR)
  FX112 FX312 FX412 Deze technische installatiehandleiding behoort bij (NL)
  FX312 FX412 manuel utilisateur (FR)
  FX312 FX412 owner manual (EN)
  FX412 owner manual (EN)
  Valsat02L manuel utilisation (FR)
  Valsat2008 M2 manuel utilisation (FR)

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