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Weatherdock is a leading manufacturer of electronics safety
and navigation instruments.They produces AIS-based safety
equipment and tracking solutions as AIS MOB/DSC Maritime
Survivor Locating Device (MSLD) or AIS Class A Transponder
easyTRX SOLAS and high sensitivity AIS base station.
The new easyONE-DSC-CL unit from Weatherdock is a combined
AIS MOB/DSC maritime survivor locating device (MSLD).
AIS safety related message to every AIS receiver within
range of transmission, persistent AIS broadcasting with
updated GPS position every minute,DSC distress call to up
to 8 different vessels in closed loop call.

download manuals

  easyAIS easySPLIT quick instruction manual (EN-DE)
  easyTRX2 user maual (EN)
  easyTRX3 brochure (EN)
  easyTRX3 user maual (EN)
  easyTRX3 V.2 user maual (EN)
  easyTRX3 V.2.1 user maual (EN)
  easyTRX3 V.2 Bedienungsanleitung (DE)
  easyTRX3 quick instruction maual (EN)
  easyTRX3 connections (EN)

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Weatherdock AIS Documentation List :
* Weatherdock AIS easyTRX3 V.2 user maual
* Weatherdock AIS easyTRX3 V.2.1 user maual
* Weatherdock AIS easyTRX3 V.2 Bedienungsanleitung
* Weatherdock AIS easyAIS easySPLIT quick instruction manual
* Weatherdock AIS easyTRX2 user maual
* Weatherdock AIS easyTRX3 brochure
* Weatherdock AIS easyTRX3 user maual
* Weatherdock AIS easyTRX3 quick instruction maual
* Weatherdock AIS easyTRX3 connections