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Samyung AIS provides voyage information such as
ship’s position, course, speed, etc. in real time.
The Samyung SI-30 A is A Class-A Universal Automatic
Identification System (UAIS) transponder, to improve
navigation safety by observing other AIS equipped ships.
It's a Class-A Universal AIS Complying with IMO MSC.
fully compatible with all NMEA standards with GLONASS/GPS
function available if receiving a signal from a Russian
Satellite and interfaces with RADAR, ECDIS, GYRO COMPASS,
and external GPS, etc.
The Samyung AIS-50N Class B AIS Chartplotter is a vessel
universal AIS with color display with preloaded digital
worldwide cartography C-MAP MAX and NAVIONICS®GOLD SD card,
Built-in map with range rings and 12 zoom ranges from 0.01 to 32 nm,
DGPS(WAAS, MSAS, EGNOS) and Sunlight Viewable Screen.

download manuals

  AIS50N AIS50B brochure specifications (EN)
  AIS50A instruction manual (EN)
  AIS50B instruction manual (EN)
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  SI30A instruction manual (EN)
  SI30A service manual (EN)
  SI60RX service manual (EN)
  SI70A brochure specifications (EN)
  SI70A instruction manual (EN)

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Documentation List :
* Samyung AIS50N AIS50B brochure specifications
* Samyung AIS50A instruction manual
* Samyung AIS50B instruction manual
* Samyung AIS50N user manual
* Samyung AIS SI30 brochure specifications
* Samyung AIS SI30A instruction manual
* Samyung AIS SI30A service manual
* Samyung AIS SI60RX service manual
* Samyung AIS SI70A brochure specifications
* Samyung AIS SI70A instruction manual