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Ocean Signal AIS Alarm box monitors the NMEA data
for AIS-MOB and AIS-SART alerts and sounds the alarm.
ATA100 Ocean Signal Compact single unit solution
with full colour display Colour coastline map
for AIS SART, MOB and EPIRB detection Surface
with GPS antenna Continuous self-testing
with alarm notifications Simple

download manuals

  Configuration Installers all products download link
  AIS Alarm brochure (EN)
  AIS Alarm user manual (EN)
  AIS Alarm manuel utilisation (FR)
  ATA100 specifications (EN)
  ATA100 quick reference guide (EN)
  ATA100 Installation Manual (EN) 
  ATA100 User Manual (EN)
  ATB1specifications (FR)
  ATB1 manuel utilisation (FR)
  ATB1 User Manual (EN)

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Ocean Signal AIS Documentation List :
* Ocean Signal Configuration Installers all products download link
* Ocean Signal AIS Alarm brochure
* Ocean Signal AIS Alarm manuel utilisation
* Ocean Signal ATA100 specifications
* Ocean Signal ATA100 quick reference guide
* Ocean Signal ATB1specifications
* Ocean Signal AIS alarm user manual
* Ocean Signal AIS ata100 installation manual
* Ocean Signal AIS ata100 user manual
* Ocean Signal AIS atb1 manuel utilisation
* Ocean Signal AIS atb1 user manual