McMurdo AIS service user manuals

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McMurdo compact Class B AIS transponder that offers both
PC and chartplotter connectivity or McMurdo AIS Man Overboard
(MOB) device is designed to be carried by individual
crewmembers and used in the event of a Man Overboard
situation or other personal emergency.
All McMurdo products have been improved in emerbency cases.

download manuals

  M5 Smartfind user manual (EN)
  M10 M10W Smartfind user manual (EN) 
  M15 M15S Smartfind user manual (EN)

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Documentation List :
* McMurdo AIS m5 smartfind user manual
* McMurdo AIS m10 m10w smartfind user manual
* McMurdo AIS m15 m15s smartfind user manual